What we do

Smart City

Smart Lighting, Water usage, Smart Parking, Waste management, Smart Traffic, Smart Roads

Home Automation

Energy use, Smart Lighting Control System, Smart Security System, Indoor Positioning Systems

Smart Environment

Air Pollution, Snow Level Monitoring, Forest Density, Smart Transport, Trach Water


Maintain&Repair, Temperature Monitoring, Auto-diagnosis, Track Of Your Assets

Smart Agriculture

Sensor-based field and resource mapping, Smart logistics and warehousing, Remote crop monitoring, Storage conditions control

Smart Healthcare

Monitoring health statistics, Hospital asset management, Emergency notifications, Monitor vital health indicators, Pharmacy inventory management, manage workforce efficiently

Smart Metering

Data integration across apps/devices, Customized data analytics and reporting, Topic-based notifications, In-cloud data storage, Multi-device data exchange

Retail and Logistics

Sensor-based items tracking, Optimized inventory management, QoS data collection & analytics, Data collection for machine learning, Remote control over connected devices, Smart labels, Real-time fleet management


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